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The Gripper Police Leash

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The Gripper Police leash This Police Leash is Five leashes in one!!!   Measuring 7ft long, this leash can be folded in half to make a 3 1/2 foot leash also. It has 3 extra D-rings along the body of the leash at 18" and 44" make this an...

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The Gripper Tactical Long Line 3/4"

$59.95 $50.95

Tactical Gripper Long Line 3/4" 10ft, 15ft and 30ft Available in Green and Orange Long Lines are a necessity for every dog owner Our Tactical Gripper Long Line is a must have when letting your dog off leash when its recall isn’t proofed under...

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Redline K9

Tie out line

$54.95 $44.95

This is a super heavy duty, 50mm wide line for back tying a dog to a solid post or point. We use this line for agitation, frustration building etc. It is super heavy duty and will not break through "shock loading" as standard long lines or tracking...

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