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Elite K9

K9 Behaviour Shaping Device HDPE

$2,250.00 $1,950.00

K9 Behaviour Shaping Device HDPE Box kit (Rechargable) Steve has thoroughly tested this system and prefers it over all others he has tested. This system is a very efficient way to train any scent detection dog and even better when training multiple...

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Elite K9

ScentLogix Magnetic 360° Stash Tubes

$54.95 $49.45

ScentLogix Magnetic 360° Stash Tube The Above-Ground Stash Tubes are made from galvanized steel and come with a powerful magnet. They can be placed anywhere or attached onto any metallic item, such as the underside of cars or behind metallic panels...

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Elite K9

Schutzhund / IPO - IGP Dumbbell Stand

$199.00 $187.00

Schutzhund / IPO - IGP Dumbbell Stand  Made by Elite K9 this stand will hold up to four dumbbells and comes with a super light weight polyester bag. Made with aluminum materials making it rust resistant and light weight. This has...

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