Dogs can be subject to a big variance in temperature change, it can go from sunny and warm during the daytime to very cold at night, and dogs that work in warm or cold weather will do so better with the correct gear.

A dog that will need top perform on a hot days will perform at a much higher level when they start at a better (cooler) body temperature.

Dogs working in cold weather will sustain injuries easy because they can cool off when in active and go straight to full speed.

Clearance Rex Specs Replacement Lenses

Clearance Rex Specs Replacement Lenses

$29.95 $10.00

Clearance RexSpecs Replacement Lenses Dogs are rough on gear - there is just no way around it. Rex Specs are design to easily change out the lenses when the light conditions change or the lenses become too worn. Note: Mirror lenses are the same...

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