It is a healthy occupation for a dog to self settle / entertain itself some of the time.

Teaching pups to use a chew toy is a great idea that the dog can keep for life.

This often reduces or even eliminates puppies or older dogs chewing your belongings, so they are great value!

Teach your dog or pup what he should be chewing, saying "no" all the time just wont cut it...

No dog toy is indestructible, you should supervise your dog playing with this toy at first and ensure your dog cannot chew it up.

West Paw

Qwizl by West Paw


The Qwizl  Small and Large Qwizl® is an award-winning, interactive treat-dispensing toy made by West Paw that keeps dogs stimulated and pleasantly puzzled. Its brilliant design extends the life of expensive dog treats while prolonging play to...

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West Paw

Toppl by West Paw


The Toppl  Small and Large Toppl® traps treats within its inner ridges and then tips and topples over to keep dogs entertained and mentally challenged. Interlock the two sizes (sold separately) to change up the challenge. Perfect for smaller...

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West Paw

Tux by West Paw


The Tux  Small and Large Tux is an extremely durable treat toy that delivers food while keeping dogs occupied in one tough package. Built for tough chewers, Tux has been a best-seller for years due to its near indestructibility...

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