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Most dogs love balls, we have the biggest range of balls that you will find anywhere!
The only brands we stock though are those that can take a beating, are good value and loved by dogs!
Take a look you may be surprised how many we have
Bob A Lot
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Bob A Lot


Bob a LOTBehavioural Aid for your dog... Bob A Lot is our Number 1 Behavioural Toy!     Do you ever go out and leave a bowl of kibble or dog biscuits for your dog for "later", only to realise its all been gulped down before you even close...

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Chuckit! Ball Launcher MEDIUM

GBP15.24 GBP12.23

Chuckit Ball Launcher MEDIUM For Medium (tennis ball) size balls  You can buy a similar "looking" ball launcher from those $2.00 shops, but don't be mistaken that they will work anything like these! ChuckIt invented the Launcher, and this Ultra...

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Chuckit! Breathe Right Fetch Ball


Breathe Right Fetch Ball by Chuckit! Run farther, fetch longer with the Chuckit! Breathe Right Fetch Ball! This high performance ball is designed to facilitate breathing & airflow into the dog's lungs while running and fetching. The Breathe Right...

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Chuckit! Kick Cube


Chuckit! Kick Cube It's hip to be square! The Chuckit! Kick Cube is an innovative and fun toy for dogs of all breeds and sizes. The Chuckit! Kick Cube bounces erratically due to it's shape providing extra interest for your pet. Reinforced rubber...

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ChuckIt! Kick Fetch Ball

GBP33.07 GBP27.95

Large size - approx 19cm wide The Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball is a big, lightweight ball designed to be kicked into action. Made from durable canvas, rubber and foam this big dog ball will be a favorite for outside games. Perfect for the yard, park or...

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Chuckit! Launcher SMALL

GBP14.73 GBP13.23

Chuckit Launcher SMALL For Small size Chuck it Balls Sorry we are out of stock! Contact us at and we will be happy to assist you with a pre-order or let you know once they land. You can buy a similar "looking" ball launcher...

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Chuckit! Squeaker Ball

GBP8.11 GBP7.35

Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Ball   The Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Ball is the latest addition to the extremely popular Chuckit Ultra ball range. With everything you love about the super durable, super bouncy, super FUN Ultra Balls, but with a SQUEAKER!...

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Chuckit! Ultra Balls


Ultra Balls by Chuckit! These Ultra Balls by Chuck it are a rubber ball that we would have to say would be one of the best balls to play fetch with. They are designed and made by the guys at Chuckit so will fit into the Chuckit Launchers, which is a...

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Chuckit! Ultra Tug


Chuckit! Ultra Tug We have been stocking the Chuckit! range of balls and ball launchers for some time now, Chuckit make very durable and high quality gear - their Ultra Balls are one of our best selling balls. Now ChuckIt have released a new toy, the...

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Soda Pup

Crazy Bounce Retrieving Toy

GBP15.24 GBP13.71

Crazy Bounce Retrieving Toy - large   The best selling Crazy Bounce has landed at K9 Pro fresh from the USA Sodapup range! The Crazy Bounce is an eccentric, unpredictable bounce and retrieving toy that is both fun for your dog and you! It bounces...

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Euro Joe

Euro Joe Super Ball

GBP17.78 GBP14.22

Euro Joe Super Ball Made by our friends at Euro Joe, the Yellow Super Ball is known around the world, particularly in Schutzhund/IPO circles, as a super strong, quality ball on a rope ideal for training strong and highly prey driven dogs. Available in...

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The FooblerThe Foobler is an interactive puzzle toy for your dog. Entertain and challenge your dogs mind for up to 9 hours with this food dispensing toy. An automatic and self-reloading treat dispensing puzzle toy that has 6 timer activated pods for...

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Foobler Bluetooth

GBP43.21 GBP35.58

Foobler Bluetooth Foobler Bluetooth allows you to design a feeding schedule for your dog combined with its smart toy play that is uniquely customisable for your pet’s needs and behavior. Just download the App and Get...

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GoughNuts Ball


GoughNuts Ball Black PRO 50! GoughNuts chew toys are designed knowing that safety and fun go hand in hand. Each GoughNuts Ball is designed with a multi-axis groove system for the purpose of helping to aid in breathing in a worst case scenario air...

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GoughNuts Coloured Rings

GBP20.35 GBP17.80

Goughnuts Coloured Rings Goughnuts Coloured Rings are made with the same tough goughnuts quality and reuptutation of being tough toy but a bit softer than the Black and Maxx formulas, so it's perfect for your senior dog or pup who needs something a...

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