dog-toys-at-k9pro.jpgWe have a great selection of dog toys that will give you and your dogs hours of fun! We have chosen toys that are fit for purpose. This means a tug toy that we sell will be fit for that purpose, it is not fit for a chew toy.

All of the toys we have for purchase have been used day in and day out with our dogs in play and training scenarios (for months) to make sure all are up to the K9 Pro standard.



No dog toy is indestructible; leaving any toy with your dog will see some dogs destroy anything.

We recommend always supervising the type of play your dog initiates with the toy you have purchased until you are satisfied that this toy can be left alone with your dog.

We can have toys made of harder material so that no dog could chew them, but the damage would then be on your dogs’ teeth.

Think of dog toys as sacrificial, they will last various amounts of time but will not stand up to a dog that is determined to chew them up.



Comet Balls with Rope


Comet Ball with Rope The Comet Ball is a durable ball with ridges that makes it easy for dogs to grip, and erratic when it bounces. This ball is great for playing tug games and rewarding dogs who have a high drive for balls and ball games. It is...

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Planet Dog

Diamond Plate Ball by Planet Dog


  Planet Dog Diamond Plate Ball NOW IN TWO SIZES! Everyone knows diamond plate is a dog's best friend. The Diamond Plate Ball is a tried and true favorite, ranking among our most durable offerings. The round, single color mold, coupled with the...

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Dog Trace Electronic Ball Dropper
Sold Out

Dog Trace Electronic Ball Dropper

$292.55 $234.62

Dog Trace Electronic Ball Dropper This quality remote control ball dropper is an excellent training device suitable for training many exercises such as a send out/send away, the blind search for Schutzhund/IPO and many other distance control exercises...

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Dog Trace Electronic Ball Launcher

$292.55 $234.62

Dog Trace Electronic Ball Launcher D-ball UP is a remote-controlled ball launcher that launches a ball up to a height of 3m. Expectation of a "live" reward in the form of a shot ball motivates the dog to perform faster and more precisely...

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Dried Pig Ears Pack

$11.69 $8.62

Dried Pig Ears6 Pack Every dog loves a dried pig ear treat! Add a six pack of pig ears to your next order for a bargain price of only $10.00 These pig ears are all natural - with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They are 100% all...

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EQDog Fetcher Tug


EQDog Fetcher Tug


EQDog Fetcher Tug Interactive Natural Rubber Toy This fun rubber toy is the perfect retrieve toy for you and your furry friend. It is ideal for retrieving and tug games. The solid & soft handle gives more fun when playing and pulling with your dog...

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Erratic Balls

$16.83 $15.47

Erratic Balls by Chuckit! Small and Medium are in packs of 2 Large single ball pack These Erratic Balls by Chuck it are a rubber ball that has a number of flats around the ball. It essentially isn't round which causes it to bounce erratically, and we...

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Euro Joe

Euro Joe Super Ball

$21.96 $13.16

Euro Joe Super Ball Made by our friends at Euro Joe, the Yellow Super Ball is known around the world, particularly in Schutzhund/IPO circles, as a super strong, quality ball on a rope ideal for training strong and highly prey driven dogs. Available in...

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$36.62 $27.09

The FooblerThe Foobler is an interactive puzzle toy for your dog. Entertain and challenge your dogs mind for up to 9 hours with this food dispensing toy. An automatic and self-reloading treat dispensing puzzle toy that has 6 timer activated pods for...

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GoughNuts Ball


GoughNuts Ball Black PRO 50!   GoughNuts chew toys are designed knowing that safety and fun go hand in hand. Each GoughNuts Ball is designed with a multi-axis groove system for the purpose of helping to aid in breathing in a worst case scenario...

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GoughNuts Floating Stick


 Goughnuts Floating Stick  NEW! Unlike all the other Goughnuts toy, this lighter weight Goughnuts Stick can FLOAT!  GoughNuts Sticks have become our #1 selling interactive chew toy.  This has occurred as dog owners have realised...

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