24" Double Handle French Linen Tug

$59.95 $49.50

Long Tug for Bitework   This is our 24” long (60cm long) FRENCH LINEN two handled Tug Toy. These are a must for training a dog in bite work and these make a great tool before going to a sleeve or leg sleeve. Two handles made from...

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Redline K9

RedLine K9 Fuzzy Buddy

$39.95 $37.00

RedLine K9 Fuzzy Buddy The Fuzzy Buddy dog tug is made with real medical grade sheepskin hide an a leather handle to grab a hold of, so your dog is sure to go crazy over this one! Great for playing tug and building drive in pups and adult dogs, this...

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Roca Scratch Pants

$403.15 $335.95

Roca Scartch Pants Roca have become one of the most worn brands in helper wear in Europe and the US and we can see why. These scratch pants are light and allow the helper a full range of movement allowing him or her to be fast and agile, in fact they...

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ROCA Training Vest

$166.95 $139.95

Roca Training Vest New Updated Design Roca Sport make very stylish and functional dog training vests with multiple large pockets to store food and toys in whilst you train. Made from heavy duty durable nylon with open weave back for air flow these are...

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Star Mark

Swing ‘n Fling DuraFoam Fetch Ball


This is a great ball that comes in 2 sizes, medium and large. The Durafoam is a very robust material that can take quite a beating but it's real advantage for people who train with a ball is that it is super light. This means that if you swing it around...

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