We only have high quality wire crates at K9 Pro, cheap Chinese crates break and the sharp edges can really cause harm. Buy value by buying one good crate.

Warning: A dog that is highly motivated by fear, phobia or reward will break out of almost anything, including our crates, dogs need to be crate trained so as they don’t injur themselves in a locked crate.


Deluxe Crate Covers


 Deluxe Crate Covers Water Resistant Canvas Cover - Designed for Wire Pet Crates A great design that will fit both our Midwest Contour Crates and our Vebo range, Ideal to prtect our dogs from the elements or when they need some quiret time or...

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Midwest Car Crates


Midwest Solutions SUV Crates Midwest SUV Crates are designed to fit side-by-side in the back of mid to large SUVs, Vans and Utes. Two models are available, and although one is larger than the other, they are both 21" wide, giving an overall width of 42"...

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Midwest Contour Wire Dog Crate 42" X-LARGE

$199.00 $134.00

Midwest Contour Wire Dog Crate X-Large - 42" double door crate More stock is on the way! For preorders please email us at orders@k9pro.com.au and we will be happy to assist! Please note - crates do not ship free, a courier charge will be added to your...

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VEBO Puppy Exercise Pens


8-Panel Metal Wire Indoor Dog Exercise Play Pen   An ideal play pen for keeping puppies and small dogs safe indoors (as well as outdoor, providing that it's not left outside overnight). Quick 30 second setup and it also connects to collapsible...

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