Make sure your dogs crate is kitted out!

Dogs can spend quite a bit of time in their crates, we like to make sure that is not time the dog does not enjoy.

Dogs can travel, sleep, rest and wait in crates for sometimes hours at a time. We believe that the dog needs to be comfortable so we have a lot of gear to make that happen.


Crate Bucket 1 Litre


Crate Bucket Stainless Steel 12cm high x 14cm at the opening 1 Litre  These crate buckets are flat sided so that they wont move around too much. They have a hook so they can be hooked onto your crate door or sides and are made from all high...

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Crate Cooling Fan


Crate Cooling Fan In the summer months or when your dog is in the car, it is a great idea to run one of these crate cooling fans. It doesn’t take long in a car for the temps to go up, especially with a panting dog.   WARNING! Some dogs...

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Crate Cup Stainless Crate Cup Stainless
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Crate Cup Stainless


These are great to attach to your dog crate, you can fill it with water or food or have one for food and one for water! They are a unique design which attach securely to your wire or plastic dog crate, the stainless steel bowl drops ito the stee ring...

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Warm a Pet

Heating Pad by Warm a Pet

$70.69 $57.08

Warm a Pet NEW! Carbon Fibre Heating Pad (Large 300mm x 400mm) The Warm a Pet under bed heating pad is great for a number of uses, first and foremost, when it is cold these are great to keep your dog warm! They are also a must for your older pets in...

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Ruff Wear

Ruffwear Clear Lake Blanket

$103.49 $96.39

Ruffwear Clear Lake Blanket The Ruffwear Clear Lake Blanket provides coziness and warmth between adventures. At home, in the car, or at camp, this durable insulated blanket provides comfort for furry friends as they rest. Made with...

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