Dog Crates are really an essential piece of gear for your dog these days, when introduced correctly, dogs love them!

They give you a place for your dog to be inside your home, a place for the dogs to travel rather than be floating around the car, a place they can be put without being put outside when visitors come, you will wonder how you ever got by without a dog crate once you have one.

There are essentially two types of crates, the Soft Crate and the Hard Crate. Each style has its own merits, we have both Soft Crates and Wire Crates!

If you choose the wrong sized crate we are more than happy to exchange for you, but the crate must be unused, in original condition and be in packaging supplied.

Postage back and forth is at the customers expense.

Rubber Tips for Training Beds

$22.95 $19.95

Rubber Leg Tips for 4Legs4Pets Training Beds If you have or are purchasing one of our 4Legs4Pets Training Beds, these rubber tips are a must, especially if you will be using the bed indoors or on a slippery surface. These high quality leg tips fit snug...

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$84.99 $56.95

SnuggleSafe MICROWAVE HEATPAD The unique microwave heat pad, designed especially for use in animals' beds. A 21cm round disc (the size of a dinner plate), that fits into any microwave oven and snuggly into any pet’s bed. The SnuggleSafe heatpad is...

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Soft Travel Crate


Soft Travel Crate   Back by popular demand! This versatile fabric soft crate is ideal for traveling, attending dog shows, trials and events as well as a crate or bed at home. These soft crates are easy to use, and water resistant, they are...

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VEBO Puppy Exercise Pens


8-Panel Metal Wire Indoor Dog Exercise Play Pen   An ideal play pen for keeping puppies and small dogs safe indoors (as well as outdoor, providing that it's not left outside overnight). Quick 30 second setup and it also connects to collapsible...

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