Premium Leather Dog Collars by K9Pro


Available in 1" (25mm) wide Flat Leather collar and 3/4" (19mm) wide Flat Leather collar and 2" (50mm) wide Flat Leather collar

We have the 2" Double Leather Collars, 2" Inch Single Collars, 1" inch collars and 3/4" collars, these collars are just stunning to look at and feel. Made from the same leather hides that we make our Premium Leashes from, (people will know the quality of these) you just wont find a better leather collar.

You can stop looking at the sites that have the sparkly, spiked inflexible leather collars, we have the collars that are actually STRONG.

These collars make a great match to your Premium four or six foot leash and your dog will look fine in this high grade leather.


  • Made from high grade Premium Leather
  • Solid Quality Hardware!
  • Stitched with heavy duty 277 commercial stitching
  • Riveted with solid rivets Super strong, durable and comfortable
  • Stitched the full collar length Super soft from day one and will get even softer!
  • These collars are handmade, no two are alike, you may even say a light fingerprint of the old world craftsman who has been making leather gear for 50 years!

Euro Leather Braided Collar

$69.95 $66.00

Euro Leather Braided Collar 1" wide collar The next level in quality leather!   We are famous for our quality leather products and until now, have never found more luxurious leather than our Premium and Soft hide leather... until our Amish...

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