Euro Joe

Euro Joe Schutzhund Padded Stick

$68.00 $54.10

Schutzhund Padded Stick     Padded soft stick, made of a flexible plastic core, covered with felt and leather aero material.    This soft stick provides an optimal balance between firmness and flexibility. This soft...

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Redline K9 Whip Agitation
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Redline K9

Redline K9 Whip Agitation

$45.00 $38.45

Agitation Protection Whip High quality Lexan whip flexs to provide a sharp crack with little effort, fitted with nylon cord and crack on the end, easy to use and is great quality.

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ROCA IPO Leather Whip

$62.95 $57.95

ROCA IPO Leather Whip This Suede Whip is made out of suede leather. The lash and popper is made of nylon. It has a comfort grip handle with padded foam-like cushion. It is 58cm (23") long with 43cm (17") long lash.

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