When training IPO Bitework, the difference in equipment can make all the difference. Our IPO sleeves are used in big trials all over the US and Canada.

Redline K9

Redline K9 EVO IPO Sleeve

$350.00 $245.00

EVO IPO Bite Sleeve   The EVO sleeve is very easy to control due to its lightweight and design. Unlike many other brands, Redline K9 has nailed the design and kept the weight low which is great for avoiding helper fatigue. Both the bite bar and...

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Redline K9 Fero Training Sleeve

$205.00 $189.00

Redline K9 Fero Training Sleeve The Fero sleeve is designed for training young or intermediate dogs in bitework for IPG and other avenues. Its medium hardness allows proper grip development training. This forearm length sleeve is super for teaching...

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ROCA PSA Sleeve Young Dog

$222.00 $182.00

Roca Protection Sleeve This sleeve from Roca is ideal for starting dogs in Police, Military, RAAF, Security, Personal Protection, Mondio Ring or the up and rising PSA dog sports.  Can be worn on either arm and provides good protection for all but...

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ROCA Tech and Target Sleeve

$268.00 $217.00

Roca Tech and Target Sleeve These sleeves are super for training accurate bite work as is required in IPO, IGP, Schutzhund etc There are so many presentation options from normal arm presentation for escape / defence bites to presentations to teach and...

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