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Bob A Lot


Bob a LOTBehavioural Aid for your dog... Bob A Lot is our Number 1 Behavioural Toy! Do you ever go out and leave a bowl of kibble or dog biscuits for your dog for "later", only to realise its all been gulped down before you even close the front door...

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Dog Zone Professional Training Bed

$99.95 $50.00

Dog Zone Pro-Training BED We have a very high standard when it comes to the quality of our products. From time to time we have items into our warehouse that have slight superficial markings on them, that we cannot release as our standard. We mark these...

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Quicker Clicker by Starmark

$11.00 $10.00

Starmark Pro-Training Quicker Clicker The Starmark Pro-Training Quicker Clicker for Dogs helps shape and reward positive behavior in pets, training them quickly and effectively with regular use. The raised dome shape of this clicker ensures a fast...

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