Behavioural Aids are aimed at working a dogs mind, reducing stress, hyper activity, anxiety and other behavioral problems due to boredom.

They may also focus on the health and well being of your dog.

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PetArk CALM - 200g   PetArk Calm is now super concentrated due to the formula incorporating more herbal extracts rather than cut herbs. The formula is double the concentrate and therefore the dose rate has effectively halved! Dose rates: Large...

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Bob A Lot


Bob a LOTBehavioural Aid for your dog... Bob A Lot is our Number 1 Behavioural Toy! Do you ever go out and leave a bowl of kibble or dog biscuits for your dog for "later", only to realise its all been gulped down before you even close the front door...

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DAP Diffuser

$81.09 $57.30

DAP Diffuser Adaptil Dog Appeasing Pheromones Developed for pet owners by veterinarians, D.A.P.™ (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) mimics the properties of the natural pheromones of the lactating female.All lactating females release a substance which...

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Chemical Essential

F10 Hand Sanitising Gel

$28.80 $21.59

F10 Hand Gel Hand Decontamination KILLS PARVO! F10Sc is Internationally Acclaimed as the benchmark in Kennel Disinfectant, killing Parvo virus where other products don't touch it. **NEW CANINE PARVOVIRUS TESTING**We're pleased...

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F10 Veterinary Disinfectant

$28.80 $21.59

F10 SC Veterinary Disinfectant - KILLS PARVO! SMALL size is 200mL LARGE size is 1L and is a special order item. F10Sc is Internationally Acclaimed as the benchmark in Kennel Disinfectant, killing Parvo virus where other products don't touch it...

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Heat Pack

$7.17 $5.41

Heat Pack for Snuggle Puppies! Need a replacement heat pack for your Snuggle Puppy? You’re in the right place! These go inside our Snuggle Puppys to make them heat up and feel super cozy for your puppy or older dog, it doesn't really matter, all...

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Ketch All Animal Control Pole

$215.52 $179.48

imal Control or "Catch" Pole By Ketch All 5ft Pole with 15" noose (most popular) If you handle dogs that can be aggressive, vicious, aggressive or unpredictable, then you NEED one of these. The are made from aircraft grade aluminum tubing which is...

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Planet Dog

Mazee by Planet Dog

$21.59 $20.87

Clearly engaging, clearly rewarding, clearly fun!Our fresh take on the stimulating puzzle craze. Our interactive brain teaser is designed for long-lasting play. With a pliable, Orbee-Tuff® outer shell, and unique inner maze. Stuff with Planet Dog...

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PetArk Muscle and Joint

$61.27 $51.54

PetArk MUSCLE & JOINT This 300 gram pack will last most dogs around 50 days, at around $0.70 cents per day, can you afford not to have your dog feeling better? Pet Ark Muscle & Joint 300 grams Assists in Maintaining healthy cartilage , muscle...

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Snuggle Puppy

$57.63 $43.21

Snuggle PuppyBy SmartPetLoveNOW WITH FREE SHIPPING!If you are bringing a new puppy home, do yourself and your puppy a favour and get them a Snuggle Puppy!The snuggle puppy is a pet anxiety product and solution. Whether they’re new to the family, or...

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  Thundershirt   The Thundershirt is a type of Anxiety Wrap for dogs, it applies gentle pressure to the nervous system which has been known to calm dogs in anxious situations such as storms, loud noises and anything that makes dogs anxious...

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Troy Nutripet 200g

$13.69 $12.25

Troy Nutripet 200g  Steve says "I use this products a lot for dogs that are fussy eaters, have slow metabolisms and low food drive. It develops a healthy appetite fast and is good for dogs". Troy Nutripet provides extra energy, vitamins and...

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Tuf-Foot for dogs

$28.83 $26.13

Tuf-Foot for Dogs Whether your dog assists in the hunt, pulls a sled, searches through rubble, or just hangs out in the yard, TUF-FOOT can keep his sensitive paw pads in excellent condition. TUF-FOOT toughens and protects soft, sore and tender...

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Educator Extra Receiver


Extra Receiver for all 300, 400, 800, Pro and EZ Educator Collars Includes collar strap!  If you have NEW MODEL Educator collar and want to add an additional collar, replace an existing one, or turn your existing collar into Plus unit, these are...

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