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Buy from an Accredited Behaviourist not just someone that sells Anti Bark Collars...


There are many reasons that dogs bark, and determining the reason is an important factor in curing undesirable barking and deciding a method in which to do so. A dog barking out of stress may not be a good candidate for an Anti Barking Collar of any description. It is ALWAYS a good idea to have a Behaviour Consult to diagnose the problem.

Many people will tell you that you just need to exercise your dog more and have a ton of and great and ideas, but when you're facing angry neighbours, council and or sleep deprivation, you need some help now.

We used to sell Ultra Sonic and Spray Collars, but to be honest they just don't provide the level of effectiveness that we think is reasonable. We never prescribe any of our behavioural clients spray or ultra sonic collars, we only sold them by request.

A good quality static pulse collar can be a very effective tool in the modification of nuisance barking. Our Anti Barking Collars are designed to give you silence the day you fit them and have a 12 month warranty.


Before using any electronic collar, check the laws in your state, the laws surrounding the use of electronic collars vary throughout every state and and are in many cases difficult to understand. We can sell you a collar system and strongly believe in this type of training, but use of these systems are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. K9 Pro can not be in an way held responsible for the manner or location you use these devices in. If you do not agree with this, do not purchase a system from us.

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