Elite K9

Elite K9

Elite K9 Bite Rags

$59.00 $39.95

Leather Bite Rags Great for pups or softer dogs...   These Bite Rags are a must when starting prey work with pups and they are also very good when building drive in an adolescent dog or...

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Elite K9

Elite K9 Clatter Stick

$39.95 $25.95

Clatter sticks make a lot of noise but are painless when your hit with one. They are for use in bite work in which your agititating or evaluating a dog. Our bamboo clatter sticks are 25" long and...

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Elite K9

Elite K9 Reward Scent Box

$299.95 $289.00

ELITE K9 HDPE Device Box  Reward Scent Box A must for all agencies, Elite K9 scent boxes measure 12" (30.48cm) x 12 " (30.48cm) x 12 " (30.48cm) with a 5" centre hole in the box...

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Elite K9

Odour Imprinting Ball


Odour Imprinting Ball These balls are similar in size to a tennis ball, have virtually no smell so that the odour of your training aid will be the most abundant odor source and feature holes evenly...

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